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Screenshot Level Chapter The Task Puzzle Type
Act 1
Puzzle Hammer Valley Dam.jpg reserve2

Hammer Valley Dam

2 - Just Another Day at Work Puzzle: Hammer Valley Dam Electrical Power
Puzzle Pine Fell Water Plant.jpg tunnel2

Pine Fell Water Plant

3 - Forgotten World Puzzle: Pine Fell Water Plant Water Treatment
Tunnel4.jpg tunnel4

Bergmann Water Tunnels

3 - Forgotten World Puzzle: Tunnel generators and exits Flood Door Operation
Pitheath outside hill.jpg watertreatment

Pitheath Water Treatment Plant

5 - Fresh Water Puzzle: Pitheath Water Treatment Plant Water Treatment


Act 2
Underground waterplant view.jpg waterplant

Underground Water Plant

6 - Public Transportation Puzzle: Underground Water Treatment Plant Water Treatment


Puzzle Service Tunnel Power Line.png servicetunnel

Service Tunnel Power Line

7 - Working Overtime Puzzle: Service Tunnel Power Line Electrical Power
Puzzle Sewer Flushing Line.png stormdrain

Water/Sewer Flushing Line

7 - Working Overtime Puzzle: Water/Sewer Flushing Line Water Pipes
Puzzle Mulex Copan Coffee Machine.png stormdrain

MulEx Copan Coffee Machine

7 - Working Overtime Puzzle: Mulex Copan Coffee Machine Flood Door Operation


Puzzle Outflow Gate Wiring.png stormdrain

Stormdrain Outflow Gates

7 - Working Overtime Puzzle: Outflow Gate Wiring Electrical Power
Act 3
Puzzle Castle Rock Generators.png isle2

Bridge Generator Maintenance

8 - Late for a Meeting Puzzle: Castle Rock Generators Electrical Power


Puzzle Castle Rock Drawbridge.png isle3

Bridge Control Tower

8 - Late for a Meeting Puzzle: Castle Rock Drawbridge Electrical Power
Puzzle Blackrock NPP Crane.png npp

Flooded Turbine Hall Crane

10 - Redemption Puzzle: Blackrock NPP Crane Exploration


Puzzle Blackrock Aux Generators.png reactor

Auxiliary Generator Synchronisation

10 - Redemption Puzzle: Blackrock Aux Generators Electrical Power